Friday, November 14, 2008


A woman has been charged over an epic drinking session where she apparently stole drinks, stripped naked, kicked and bit police and flooded her cell. Lori Brutsche-Ely, was arrested on Halloween night after reports that she was stealing beer from customers in a nightclub. She also exposed herself to a band playing at the venue, picked fights and refused to leave, claim police. When police found her she was completely naked and was shouting at security guards outside the Mint nightclub. She allegedly kicked a security guard in the groin and later attacked a police officer. One victim is reported as saying: "We were still trying to control the female when I felt pain in my left shoulder. "I looked and observed the woman biting me." When in jail police said she trashed a sprinkler, flooding the cell and attacked and bit a prison officer. Sounds like one hell of a night. Fortunately the officer had a tetanus shot, and Brutsche-Ely had this wonderful picture taken.


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