Friday, November 21, 2008


A Brazilian man has broken his own record for catching a wave on the longest surfboard. Rico de Souza rode the 30ft (9.16 metre) board for ten seconds before being tumbling into the water at a beach in Rio de Janeiro. The 55-year-old needed several attempts at the record as he struggled to build up enough speed to propel the 16st board which he had designed himself. He eventually spotted a powerful wave and managed to clamber to his feet and keep his balance long enough to claim his record. Afterwards he said that the ride had been a thrilling experience. "It was an exceptional wave, the wave was shaky, the board was jumping, but I managed to stand firm," he said. Asked about his future plans, he said that he only wanted to enjoy life and do good deeds. "Life is a joke and we have to take advantage of our passage through earth in the best way possible," he said. Mr de Souza set the previous record on a 25.6ft (8 metre) board in 2006. Since then he has made several design improvements to the board. He had been due to attempt the new record this weekend, but managed to achieve the feat during his own practice session on Monday. Mr de Souza organised another record in September this year, when 88 people surfed the same wave for over ten seconds – up four from 2007.

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