Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is believed to be the first Obama haircut in the world. Kwame Boyce-Deacon, 14, is a big fan of Obama and wanted his face clipped and shaved into the back of his head. "Obama is the first black President of America and I'm the first black model of Obama in Leicester – which is special for me. "I don't know anyone else who could draw that well, let alone with a blade on the head" he said. "The haircut is amazing. All my friends are impressed as they know no one else has this. I've become a bit of a celebrity." In previous years, Kwame has had both Bob Marley, the reggae artist, and the Tupac Shakur, the rapper, shaved on the back of his head. It was styled by barber Clint Rainford, from Montsho's hair salon in Leicester. Mr Rainford said it took 45 minutes to create the image of Obama and is now expecting the craze to catch on. "I knew at the start of the campaign that Obama would be voted president, so I kept a photo ready to do this," he said. "I've done lots of people before such as Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela, so it wasn't too difficult to do the image. "I think it could become a bit of a craze among teenagers and young adults." Kwame, from Leicester, said the image would probably grow out within three weeks but he would have it cut back in again. "I want to have for Christmas," he explained.

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