Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Furry Dice Are Just So Last Year Y'all!

Forget furry dice the new must have accessory on your vehicle may well be a pair of large plastic testicles or at least that's the current fashion in the American state of Virginia but perhaps not for much longer as a senator has just lodged a bill aimed at outlawing the increasingly popular practice. He claims it's a safety issue, because the giant rubber testicles could distract other drivers. Now you might think they would have better things to be worried about than outlawing giant rubber balls but the Virginia General Assembly has some experience with offbeat bills. Three years ago, it drew widespread attention with an unsuccessful effort to outlaw baggy pants worn so low they expose underwear. Lionel Spruill, 61, said the indignity of the 'droopy drawers' debate would not deter him. He said he will not hesitate to bring a set of $24.95 trailer testicles with him for a legislative show-and-tell. 'I'm going to do it,' Spruill told a handful of reporters after a recent House session adjourned. 'I'm going to bring them out here and show them to you till they tell me to stop.'

Emm, ok on behalf of us all: Stop!

There now you are free to display your balls on the back of your truck to your hearts content...

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