Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meet Bertie The Pigeon

Most people come back from a car boot sale with some bric-a-brac, books and an antique if they're lucky. But one family got more than they bargained for when a friendly pigeon took a shine to them, followed them around and eventually became a beloved pet. Bertie the pigeon now lives with the Moor family, travels in their car, sleeps in a bedroom, guards their home and is even housetrained, thankfully.

Jane Moor said the bird dotes on her husband Kimberley, children Gary, 22, Kelly, 20, 19-year-old Andrew and two-year-old granddaughter Devon.Mrs Moor, 40, said: 'We went to a car boot sale and this pigeon kept following us about. The chap who owned it said he'd had it for a year. He asked if we wanted Bertie. 'We took her home and expected her to fly off but she has stuck around and been with us ever since.

'She is quite a character. She guards the house and goes on outings with us, riding in the car and then flying home on her own if she gets bored. 'When my husband kisses me goodbye Bertie does not like it. She puffs herself out and tries to see him off.' Mrs Moor, from Topsham in Devon, said neighbours thought the family was crazy for their choice of pet. 'But we don't mind,' she added.

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