Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Meanwhile, TV explorer Ben Fogle has chased four burglars from his house - armed with a sled. The Country File presenter was preparing to welcome his new son home from hospital when four men vaulted over a wall into his garden. They then started trying to batter the door down. But they didn't count on facing Ben armed with his winter transport - and were chased away.

Also...Prince William and Ben Fogle - can you tell the difference?
They bear a passing resemblance to one another and they both like to get away from it all by spending time in Norfolk. But a village shopkeeper was having none of it when Prince William's bodyguards tried to pass him off as TV adventurer Ben Fogle. Trevor Howell recognised the 27-year-old Prince and his partner, Kate Middleton, as soon as they walked into Howell's Superstores at Binham, near Wells. When he said as much, a protection officer replied: “No it's not, it's Ben Fogle.” “I believed him until I looked again and saw Kate Middleton standing beside the till, it was pretty clear then,” he said last night . Both men also share a love of Norfolk. Mr Fogle and his wife Marina, who gave birth to the couple's first child last week, were frequent visitors to Holkham where they enjoyed romantic breaks at the Victoria.

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