Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stop the Press Stories

Is this the UK's most stupid drunk-driver?
Security cameras in Ely Cambridgeshire captured footage of this man staggering to his car before moving round to the passenger side to relieve himself (so he must have had some semblance of sense not to 'pee in his own backyard').
After zipping himself up, he managed to get behind the wheel and drive off, narrowly avoiding the car parked in front and a few cones, all while ignoring the flashing blue lights coming up fast behind him.
As you can imagine, he didn't get too far

IT'S not exactly something many would attempt to do - reach out and pat a deadly tiger shark in the middle of a feeding frenzy.
However, conservationist Leon Deschamps couldn't resist the temptation.
Photos show him stroking the heads of tiger sharks feeding on the carcass of a dead whale in Western Australia.
Amazingly, he was sitting on the whale while patting the sharks.
Mr Deschamps hopes the images and footage will dispel "myths" that tiger sharks are blood-thirsty, man-eating monsters.

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Alva said...

Wallys! While I agree most sharks are not the blood thirsty savages many think thay are, the only reason these 'researchers' are able to 'pet' the sharks is that the sharks are far too preoccupied with eating the whale to care or notice! I'd like to see them try this with nothing to distract the sharks!