Thursday, December 3, 2009


A groom interrupted his own wedding to get his phone out at the altar to update his relationship status on Facebook and Twitter. He whipped out his mobile immediately after the minister pronounced the couple man and wife. The audience then burst out laughing as the minister, who was in on the stunt, tells them the groom is updating his relationship status. He also Tweeted: "Standing at the altar with TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride." He then hands his new wife her phone so she can update her Facebook status from "in a relationship" to "married". On YouTube, the un-named groom says: "This was just done to be funny - we really don't Facebook THAT often:). "I have a lot of family scattered around the country and we all use Facebook a lot to keep in touch. So when Tracy and I were engaged, most of my family found out via Facebook because we updated our statuses. "I surprised not only my guests, but also Tracy by pulling out my phone and posting on Facebook and Twitter from the altar during our wedding. "I had her phone ready in my pocket, so when she asked for it I could hand it to her. No one knew about this except the minister, and myself."

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