Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Minute Prod. Presents Giant Tape Player (GTP)

Hey Dave, We caught the show yesterday and were devestated that no-one mentioned the epic art installation we set up at the 'Cork x South West' festival at the weekend-for shame!

So just to remind all those with foggy memories of wandering into a white marquee at the end of the night and dancin' about to some bangin' tunes being pumped out of a 24 foot x 8foot 80's style ghetto blaster and a life size wooden car with video projections we've taken the time to send you on some photos to post on your blog.

There's 6 of us involved with GTP and we've recently formed an artist collective where our main idea is to create big, fun, quirky installations that combine art and music in a way that lets everyone get in touch with their inner kid and party. We've decided to call ourselves Last Minute Prod. as we always seem to be against the clock with every project we do! Both of the pieces set up at Skibb were originally made for two seperate 24hour art exhibitions for the Tigh Fili Theatre in Cork and the Wexford Arts Centre but 'Cork x South West' was our first festival and we hope to do many more.

So thats us, hope everyone who experienced the GTP at Skibb had a good time,
Spread the word and enjoy!!!
GTP crew.


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