Thursday, July 3, 2008


It is a stunning performance. A ballgirl at a minor league game sprints after a soaring baseball before propelling herself several feet up a wall at the edge of the pitch to make an incredible catch. But there's only one problem: it's a fake. The American ballgirl's superhuman leap was aided by cables and the clip then cleverly spliced with actual footage of a Fresno Grizzlies game. The jump was performed by a trained stuntwoman cheered on by a hundred fans who stayed late after the game. The action is all part of a viral advertisment for sports drink Gatorade, which the company insists it did not plan to release. The clip, posted on YouTube, has become an instant internet hit. There is no mention of the drink in the video, but when the ballgirl returns to her seat, a Gatorade bottle can be seen at her feet. Gatorade spokeswoman Jill Kinney said the company was pleased the advert had found an audience. "We were not planning to release the ball girl video. However, now that it's out there, we're thrilled with the response it's getting." "It had the desired effect of 'Wow, is that real?' "What we've noticed from the comments is that if people know it's not real then they're still entertained."

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