Friday, July 18, 2008


This parachutist made a memorable entrance to a military parade – knocking over musicians like skittles after landing on top of a brass band. Three members of the US army’s 1st Infantry Division needed hospital treatment after the accident yesterday.
It occurred during the opening ceremony of the division’s review in Fort Riley, Kansas. The first of two civilian skydivers landed safely, but Scott Hallcock missed his target by around 50 yards and careered into the band. The back row of musicians bore the brunt of his feet-first landing, which caused gasps of horror from the several-thousand strong audience. The band’s commander said his musicians did not see the approaching parachutist because they were staring ahead waiting for the ceremony to begin. "You can’t hear anything when there’s someone coming overhead," Chief Warrant Officer Scott MacDonald added. One band member was knocked unconscious and another reported neck and head pain, but both have now been released from hospital. A third, who reportedly broke his leg, was still being treated. Two tubas were destroyed and a trumpet was badly damaged. The parachutist, who said that he veered of course after his parachute lines became tangled, declined medical treatment.

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