Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Shakespeare did say, 'All the world's a stage', but some people really do take things a bit too literally. Busker Charles Cavey decided that climbing inside a bin and strumming tunes to passers-by is the perfect venue for him. At 1.77m (5ft 10in), the 29-year-old understandably finds it a bit cramped and smelly. But he has proved a hit. 'I saw a man empty a bin one day and thought I could fit inside it - then I learnt to play the guitar and a friend reminded me what I said, so I gave it a go,' he said. 'People wonder what's going on when they see me, then they start getting their cameras out.' Mr Cavey has gone down so well in Cambridge that he has been asked to play at its first festival of street entertainers. He is one of 40 acts taking part in the event, which also includes a belly dancer and an escapologist. 'There are always people looking for something to make them smile,' he said.

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