Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The trailer for the next Bond adventure Quantum of Solace has been shown for the first time on the internet. The teaser for the film, which stars Daniel Craig as 007, runs one minute and 50 seconds and features a dramatic cocktail of action and stunts. The trailer had been due to premiere at 1700 BST on the MSN and AOL websites. But the launch was moved forward after the footage appeared on video sharing website YouTube and the US movie fan site Ain't It Cool. The leaked version of the trailer has now been removed. Cinema-goers will be able to see the taster from Wednesday, when it will be shown before Will Smith's film Hancock. Quantum of Solace is due out in Ireland on 31 October and is released in the US and elsewhere the following month. The trailer begins with Mr White, a villainous character from the previous Bond film Casino Royale, being interrogated by Bond. This early sequence appears to initiate a globe-trotting adventure as Craig's character embarks on an revenge mission against the wishes of his superiors. Elaborate action sequences involving cars, boats and planes are intercut with more intimate scenes involving Bond's various love interests.

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