Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Beyonce's first pictures performing for Colonel Gaddafi's son revealed
The first photographs of a scantily-clad Beyonce singing and dancing for the son of Libya's dictator have been exposed. She is one half of showbiz's richest couple and was allegedly paid a whopping $2m to perform at the private party for Colonel Gaddafi's son Muatsim Gaddafi. The shabby venue was not somewhere you'd expect to see the Sweet Dreams singer though, located in the Caribbean island of St Barts.

A drunken Gaddafi was spotted leering at Jay-Z's wife all night, as she pranced around half naked in a revealing leotard and stiletto heels. Also on the celebrity guest list was Usher, Jon Bon Jovi and of course her hubby, who didn't seem to mind the Libyan ogling her with his mates. The 28-year-old Crazy in Love star and Jay-Z were recently named the highest-earning entertainers in the world by Forbes magazine, but it seems she will still strut and kneel in front of anyone willing to pay.

The party at Nikki Beach on the Caribbean island was held on New Years Eve, yet a spokesperson for Beyonce still refuses to comment on the event or her relationship with Mr Gaddafi. The news of her event is not expected to make her popular in the States, as Colonel Gaddafi admitted Libya's responsibility for bringing down Pan Am Flight 103 in 2003. Almost 300 people were killed in 1988 as the plane en route to New York came down.

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