Monday, January 25, 2010


(continuation of facebook status update..I dunno inspiration just hit or something) sitting here wishing weekends were longer I'm just getting into mine & its over hmmm it's like going clubbing in Cork these last painful years of fascist enforcement of licensing laws (legally we should be bopping till 3 which is darn sight more adequate than 2) which got 'adjusted' by some judge on request of the gardai back in 2004 or something - everywhere else in the country is dancing till 3 sometimes 3.30 and society hasnt crumbled either- & on that note since when do our law enforcement officers get to decide that the laws of the land shouldnt apply to us here in the deep south cos is it that we are just not feckin civilized enough or what - plus whats the logic at play maybe 2 percent of those out late at night cause problems so all of the other 98 percent suffer the consequences??? how would that work applied to other areas of society...more on that another time...arrrhgh it makes my blood boil seriously if facebook is worth a grain of salt as a social network surely it can be put to use to campaign for adults to be treated like adults and allowed choose what time they want to go home at - ok so wheres that giveusthenight group i'm going to join that hopefully i'll feel better after...wish me luck

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