Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Bangladesh vs West Indies Match, right before the ending ceremony, this guy came out of nowhere...to put the hex on us all....free-key!The clip sees fans revelling during a cricket match between Bangladesh and the West Indies. Amid the smiling and dancing crowd a man steps into shot and remains there motionless for several seconds, performing a rather ominous thousand yard stare as his moustache twitches away. No doubt the fan was simply a little startled at being on TV, but the rather intense gentleman has caused much laughter on YouTube.
demononthefall101 commented: 'This guy can make chuck norris s*** bricks', while Sallyangel82 went for a more to the point: 'OMG lol'.

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James said...

Intense! But did you notice the little effer in green longside him? He picked his nose and then wiped it all over his own face...On Camera!! Genius!