Monday, March 14, 2011


ok so to do a bungee was part of the 'let's go see the world' vibe right, that said as someone basically afraid of heights it terrified me even thinking that I might do one & the prospect of effectively leaping to my death *slight over-dramatization alert* had woken me up in a cold sweat on more than one occasion LONG before I ever did Oz I had done a skydive, waited for the fear & it never hit it was an amazing experience, loved it & would recommend to anyone...this tho...different ex was crapping it she went first did a perfect dive off & aced it basically, me, I might look a tad cocky, certainly eager (see how quick I'm over to that edge, let's get this over with was the logic, 'ain't nuthin to it but to do it' sorta thing) but I was absolutely bricking it, again tho, in fairness, 1-2-3-BUNGEE & I go first time...the rest is less edifying...screaming like I have been shot, I fall, as you can see, as if I am about to die - a feeling that falling through the air will give a guy you might, I hope, agree - quite simply it was horrific -once down up I bounce, seemingly as high as when I had first leaped, and as I'm shooting back up I begin, ever so tentatively, to think 'that wasn't so bad' & you may detect a fairly faint 'WOO-HOO' as the teensiest, tiniest feeling of bravery comes back to me, very quickly to be replaced (as I begin to drop right back down at alarming speed & utter lack of any control) by further banshee like wailing & no doubt much gnashing of teeth coupled with furious thrashing of my arms in a vain effort at stopping myself falling *I dunno it seemed like the most rational reaction at the time* anyhoo the worst/best experience of my life still causes my body to lose power when thinking about it or, as is now possible for ever & ever amen, viewing it online...however redemption has come a-callin in the shape of the Ballydehob Bungee Blast West Cork Sat 19th March 2011, God only knows why but somehow 16-year old organizer Ryan (worthily raising funds for The Hope Foundation's Street Children of Calcutta appeal) convinced me to go again & I think I have my head around it this time...we shall see if I manage to make less of an arse of myself this time around! Finger's toe's & everything feckin' else crossed on that one...
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