Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A Panamanian footballer is facing severe punishment after kicking an injured owl during a match. Video footage showed the bird was struck by the ball , prompting the referee to stop play in the Colombian championship match between Pereira and Atletico Junior. As the referee and players discussed what to do, Pereira defender Moreno - apparently impatient over the delay - kicked the bird towards the touchline with his left foot. "The player should be severely punished for this painful, horrible act of intolerance," said Ramón Jesurum, the president of the Colombian league. He added that the case would go before the league's disciplinary committee. Atlético Junior fans chanted "murderer" at the Panamanian player. Moreno was also reprimanded by opponents and he apologised after the game, reports The Guardian. "I apologise to the fans, it wasn't my intention," he said, as he left the field escorted by radio reporters and police. Colombian media said the owl had been rescued by ground staff and taken to a vet. Its condition was reported to be serious.

A Brazilian physio has become something of a YouTube sensation after his rather unusual approach to running onto the pitch was caught on camera. During a recent Brazil Cup match between Comercial PL and Palmeiras, the medic was needed 42 minutes into the game to treat one of the Palmeiras players. The unnamed physio rushed onto the pitch and instead of going straight to the stricken player performed a nifty cartwheel before collecting up his medical bag and attending to the injured footballer. Clearly a massive crowd favourite, the physio performed the trick on numerous occasions throughout the game, including one sprint and cartwheel down the left-hand touch-line 20 minutes into the second half. He even took to the performing the trick when he wasn’t required to administer medical help, cartwheeling down the touchline behind one of the goals towards the end of the match. Palmeiras ended up winning the game 2-1 but it was obviously who the real star of the match was. A video of the physio in action was uploaded onto YouTube last week and has already been watched almost one million times.

A huge fight broke out during a match between Italian Division B sides Foggia and Gela that resulted in stewards, substitutes, the police – and a man on crutches – getting involved. And the footage is racing up the YouTube charts. The reason for the monumental fracas on Sunday was actually, in this case, entirely understandable, because Foggia threw good sportsmanship from the Gela players back in their faces. The drama began when Foggia player Bartosz Salomon went down injured, so a Gela player reacted with first-class gentlemanly conduct and kicked the ball out of play so he could be treated. The reward? Foggia quickly took a throw-in, charged forward and scored. Unsurprisingly, the Gela players were incandescent and fists flew. A lot. In fact, the match eventually had to be abandoned five minutes from time after managers, coaches, stewards and squad players swarmed onto the pitch to vent their feelings. The remarkable footage even catches a man on crutches hobbling about on the field of play.

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