Friday, March 18, 2011


A brilliant piece of skill by Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho has once again take the internet by storm with a video of him in action for new club Flamengo becoming the latest YouTube hit.

The 30-second clip uploaded at the weekend has already been watched almost 300,000 times on YouTube and liked over 100 times, with many users expressing their delight at the sensational skill on show. The video shows the 30-year-old brilliantly controlling a high clearance with a single touch before skipping past two players and setting a team-mate free to cross from the right-hand side of the opponent’s penalty area. The clip looks even more impressive when slowed right down, showing Ronaldinho even taking his eye off the ball before he’s controlled the ball falling from a considerable height. Reddit users have also expressed their admiration for the Brazilian, with the video one of the most popular posts on the soccer section of the website. Many though were engaged in a debate over when Ronaldinho was at his peak and questioning the decisions by Barcelona and then AC Milan to sell him.

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