Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night Stevie G's rather excellent Midweek Music Mash-Up featured all sorts of musical delights all mashed together including a touch of Led Zeppelin with Snoop Dogg so imagine my delight when I came across more Led Zepplin flavoured stories today (reminding me to dig out some Led Zep albums)read on...

He's got energy that would put some youngsters to shame – watch an inebriated OAP get on down to a bit of Led Zeppelin.

The music is provided by Led Zeppelin tribute band The Crunge, who hail from Toronto, Canada, and our dance act entertains onlookers with a number of moves. After a couple of bows to his audience, he gives them the 'chicken', followed quickly by 'the bounce'. As he gets into his stride, and after a bit of flailing, he unleashes his show-stopper – 'the beer tap and wipe'. We think it'll catch on. To finish off, he re-visits 'the chicken' and then runs on the spot – before pushing the boat right out and giving the crowd 'the surfer'. It may not be Strictly Come Dancing, but it's just as entertaining. The video has created a real stir on YouTube with over 35,000 hits so far. As user Suune said: 'This is by far the best definition of Winning yet!'

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