Friday, March 18, 2011


Rebecca Black has come under attack on Twitter after the video for her debut single Friday became a YouTube hit as music fans blasted it as one of the worst songs ever made.

Black follows in Justin Bieber's footsteps and has become the latest teen to be plucked from obscurity to hit the heady heights of internet fame but rather than being praised for being a great singer, Rebecca has been mocked for her poor vocals. The 13-year-old released a video on YouTube for the track Friday where she sings in rather nasal, heavily auto-tuned vocals and the promo quickly went viral. The video shows Black chirping on about the joys of Friday, when she has her friend on her right and can decide if she wants to ride in the front seat or the back. Black looks forward to 'partyin' and 'fun, fun, fun' in the video which has had over 5.6 million views since it premiered (yes, you guessed it) last Friday. The internet world has since gone crazy over the teen with a series of parody videos and remixes. Black has been widely criticised on Twitter where many music fans wondered if Friday was one the worst singles ever made. GinaRyannn tweeted: 'Rebecca Black's new song is absolutely awful.' While mesty posted: 'What is this Friday thing by Rebecca Black? Let's have a watch...OH NO MY EARS' PriBarcelo wrote: '4 minutes of our lives.. Wasted! Friday by Rebecca Black has to be the worst song I've ever listened to.'

MIND YOU: Rebecca Black is now enjoying her fifth straight day of trending on Twitter as users continue to marvel at her list of suburban trivialities put into Justin Bieber-esque song form. Internet ribbing aside, it is not all bad news for the teen popster, with the track now featuring in the iTunes Top 100. It seems that, despite the unedifying lyrics of Friday, the song's undeniable catchiness has resulted in thousands of record sales. There have even been rumours of a Rebecca Black tour, although - as she pointed out on her Twitter account - it might be difficult to tour with just one song. Albeit a complete banger.

AND SEEING AS IT'S: Friday, Rebecca Black's undisputed favourite day of the week, is finally here - we help you celebrate with some of the top remixes of the hit viral, we we we so excited!

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